Act of Heroism From Japanese Train Passengers

During Monday morning rush hour in a Tokyo train station, passengers were met with horrific news- a woman had fallen into the eight inch gap between the train and the platform and was trapped. The woman had fallen while getting off the train in Japan Railway Minami Urawa Station in Saitama, near Tokyo

Rather than mind their own business and focus on getting to work, over 40 passengers joined the train officials to push the 32-ton train to its side. The train’s suspension system lets it to lean to either side with enough force. This allowed for passengers to pull the woman out once the carriage was shifted. With the efforts of this act of kindness, the delay took only a mere 8 minutes.

Miraculously, the trapped woman was pulled out uninjured and received a round of applause. The woman was apparently in her 30’s. Its unclear how the unidentified women had fallen into the gap, but onlookers claim that she had gotten trapped around her waist.

A newspaper photographer happened to catch the act of heroism in action. This photo of the rescue ran in the Yomiuri’s evening edition.

See the full photo below:




Earthquake in China Claims Lives and Injures Hundreds

On Monday morning, an earthquake with an estimated 5.9-6.6 magnitude hit the farming area of northwest China prompting landslides and destroying hundreds of buildings. Early reports from the official Xinhua news agency had stated that 22 people died, but since then, more mortalities have been confirmed. Now, Huffington Post reports that the earthquake has claimed the lives of at least 75 people and has injured over 400. There are still over a dozen people missing which could add onto this death toll.

Eight towns within the area sustained serious damage. Zhangxian county reports over 380 collapsed buildings and 5,600 damaged buildings. Nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed and 14,066 homes have been left without power.

Heavy rain following the earthquake contributed to the situation by causing mudslides and landslides throughout the area. Subsequent tremors, including a magnitude 5.6 aftershock, hit the same area 90 minutes later.

Disaster-relief teams have been rushed to the scene and nearly 500 people have been sent so far. These individuals include rescue workers and military units. Hospital aid-stations have been set up all over to help with the overwhelming number of injured victims. Hundreds of paramilitary People’s Armed Police have been sent to locate missing people and the Chinese Red Cross has sent over survival material including tents, jackets, and household items.

Because communication has been disrupted in such a wide area, the reported amount of inured and killed people continues to rise.

quake 1 quake 2 quake 3 quake 4 quake 5 quake 6 quake 7 quake 8

SOUCRE 1,2,3,4

Asiana Flight 214: Mystery of Ye Meng Yuan’s Death Confirmed

The Plane Crash of Asiana Flight 214 is certainly not behind us yet. In fact, more and more tragic news seems to head our way. For instance, although two victims were found dead on the scene, that was not the end of mortalities. A third victim, Liu Yipeng, died last week on July 12th from injuries.

Now, we are faced with more tragic news. When the body of 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan was found under flame-retardant foam and in line of tracks from a rescue vehicle, everyone was horrified with the possibility that she survived the plane crash only to be struck down by a rescue vehicle racing to the plane.

Now, it is confirmed that the cause of Ye Meng Yuan’s death was in fact the vehicle. Coroner Robert Foucrault confirmed that her death was due to “multiple blunt injuries consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle. Those injuries indicate she was alive at the time. Internal bleeding ruled out any chance she was already dead when she was struck.” Tragically, he admits, “She was alive when she received the injuries.”

Top 5 Peter Adrian Summer Looks

Summertime is here and that means some of our favorite fashion bloggers have been sharing their summer looks. By “favorite”, we mean Peter Adrian Sudarso and by “summer looks”, we mean outfits that are so hot we can hardly contain ourselves.

Since its Friday, we’ve decided to lighten up your day and bring some Peter Adrian to you. Here are our Top 5 Peter Adrian Summer Looks:|

Although many people claim that vibrant colors are in this summer, Peter Adrian shows that subtle and faded colors can work in your favor as well. Don’t be afraid to dive into lighter colors this season.

pa faded 1 pa faded 2 pa faded 3

If you thought this was out of style, think again! The unbuttoned shirt comes off as a complete tease to us, but it turns out we don’t mind that at all.

PA shirt 1

PA shirt 2

PA shirt 3

PA shirt 4

I know you may be thinking that beanies are a bit too hot for summer, but Sudarso proves that it may be just the thing to compliment your outfit. And let’s be honest, tanks are always a good thing.

PA tank 1

PA tank 2

PA tank 3

Tanks also work well to achieve the beach look. Technically speaking, this outfit doesn’t actually require much, but the simplicity goes a long way.

PA beach 1

PA beach 2

PA beach 3

Apparently, the V-neck is a male equivalent of a little back dress. Its essential and simple, but you can’t go wrong with it.

PA v 1

PA v 2

PA v 3

Check out more of Peter Adrian Sudarso’s looks here.

Asians in Fashion | Zhang Jiani for A Summer Fashion Shoot

Chinese Actress and Model Zhang Jiani recently took some breath-taking fashion photos just in time for Summer. Her most recent work includes her role as Meng Jin Zhen in Gong 3 and her role as Su Su in the drama Jing Zhong Yue Fei. Clearly, she is just as good a model as she is an actress. Check out her complete control of vibrant patterns and colors in the fashion photos below.

Zhang-Jiani 2 Zhang-Jiani 3 Zhang-Jiani 4 Zhang-Jiani 5 Zhang-Jiani 6 Zhang-Jiani 7


Summer Footwear No-No’s

We live in an age where bold is in, eccentric is cute, and mixing patterns is hip. We’re accepting of a lot of new trends and it almost seem like the more weird a fad may be, the more “cool” it is.

But there’s a limit. There is definitely a limit. If this summer has taught me anything so far, its that some things will simply not work.

Here’s a list of our top five SUMMER FOOTWEAR NO-NO’S:


wellrox1) Toe-Separating Sandals

Macy’s has released a new line of footwear called Wellrox. If you are somehow unable to notice whats so horrible about these, we’re gonna go ahead and point it out for you- these are toe-separating sandals. Macy’s claims that this line is “unusual in the cutest way”, but we’re pretty sure they misused the word cute. They’ve released about 8 style (trust us, the picture above is about as good as it gets) and these sandals will cost you anything from $50-$100. Nice efforts, Wellrox.



2) Original Crocs

Despite the number of jokes and people who openly oppose crocs, the shoe is still (for some unknown reason)  alive and going strong. In an effort to appeal to a larger crowd, crocs has released a number of new styles which are admittedly much more fashionable. So if you still want to comfort of crocs, please go purchase the latest ones and ditch these buckets.


3) UGGs in the Summer

Are we saying that UGGs are unfashionable? Absolutely not. Pair it with some leggings and an oversized sweater and you’re all set for the winter time. But these things are definitely a no-no for the summer. People will often pair UGGs with shorts or a skirt leaving the rest of us confused about whether or not their hot or cold. If its 90 degrees out, trust us, you probably don’t want your feet to be that warm.


vogue sandals

4) These Furry, Jeweled Things

Ranking number four on Vogue’s “The Ugly-Pretty Sandal: Ten Takes on Summer’s Must-Have Shoe” list, are these things. Lined with fur perfect for hot summer weather and bedazzled in so many jewels that its blinding, you would think these were made as some sort of joke. It has to be right? Nope, unfortunately they’re not. In fact, these Celine sandals will cost you $3,950.


socks with sandals5) Socks and Sandals

Speaking of Vogue, it appears as if they’re trying very hard to make socks and sandals work. No Vogue, this will not happen. Just as Regina George made it clear that “fetch” will never happen, this duo will not go well with one another.

MUST WATCH: 17-Year-Old Kim Ho in ‘The Language of Love’

If you’re in the mood to have your heart melt, then we have just the thing for you. Australian highschool student, Kim Ho, stars in his beautifully written short, “The Language of Love”.

The short follows a highschool student, Charlie, who is unable to focus on his French exam when the assignment asks him to write a letter to his best friend.

He pulls the audience into his own world and eventually reveals his inner-struggle. He is in love with his best friend- who happens to be a boy. We are allowed into his very personal emotions of passionate confession, confusion, and fear.

“Its not because he’s a boy,” Charlie explains,  “He just happens to be one and I can’t figure out if that makes it wrong”

Charlie pulls us deeper and deeper into his personal feelings and ultimately reaches a realization.

“You always hear people say it’s weird and just not normal, but isn’t that the point of love?” he asks. “To transcend normalness and become something special?”

Needless to say, this short film is beautiful, inspiring, and heartwarming. Watch it for yourself below:

Strange Product of The Day: Edible iPhone Case

Because iPhone’s are one of the worlds most popular smartphones, we’ve come across our share of strange iPhone cases. We’ve seen cases covered in fur, cases made to look like a portable phone from the 90’s, and even iPhone cases attached to pepper spray. The possibilities of strange iPhone cases seem endless. Recently, Japan has decided to add onto this list with their latest product- the edible iphone case.

phone cracker 2

The Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Cover is handmade by “Mariko” using only brown rice and salt. For $64, you can have a phone cover that doubles as a tasty snack in case of an emergency. The case is rather fragile and they openly state that it will not do a good job of protecting your phone (in fact there is a disclaimer that the case itself may break during its one month delivery period).

Think no one would be interested in a phone cover that doesn’t even protect the phone? Well you’d be surprised. Once the product started a web mail order, nearly 500 were sold instantly. Clearly, people are taken by the humor of this rice cracker case.

Our verdict? We’re gonna go ahead and pass. We could definitely spend that $64 to get multiple phone cases and some rice crackers. Tell us what you think.

photo cracker 4 photo cracker 5







(Photo source) (source)

Chinese Factory Workers and “The Real Toy Story”

Nearly 75% of the worlds toys are made in China. With so many of these plastic toys available to us at ease, we often forget the hard labor that goes into making them. Chinese factory workers must spend hours assembling, stuffing, painting, and working diligently to live up to the never-ending demands from the West.

Michael Wolf, a German photographer pursuing his career in Asia, decided to use his talents to remind us of the struggle that goes into making these toys. His website states:

“Wolf developed the idea around plastic toys, a fascination of his since they were off limits to him as a child. Over a period of one month, he collected over twenty thousand toys “made in China,” scavenging through second-hand stores and flea markets up and down the California coast. He transformed this vast collection into an installation, The Real Toy Story, which integrates portraits of workers in china’s toy factories into a series of walls covered entirely in plastic toys of all kinds. The result is an overwhelming, immersive experience; a graphic representation of the gargantuan scale of china’s mass production and the west’s hunger for a never-ending supply of disposable products. The gazes of the factory workers humanize this anonymous ocean of toys and invite us to reflect on the reality of trade in a world of consumer-driven globalization.”

Wolf effectively reminds us of the various faces that work endlessly to produce these items that we often take for granted. To get a full look at this series, click here.

toy story 2 toy story 3 toy story 4 toy story 5 toy story 6 toy story 7 toy story 8 toy story 9 toy story 10 toy story 11 toy story 12 toy story 13


This Video Warms Our Hearts: Children React to Bi-Racial Cheerios Commercial

Earlier this summer, a Cheerio’s commercial showing an interracial couple/family sparked negative backlash. A disturbing amount of people voiced that they were uncomfortable about the commercial and were under the impression that it could be a bad influence on children.

Clearly, we find the commercial adorable. Much of the public, however, didn’t seem to agree with us. The commercial got so much hate and negative reactions that Cheerio’s was forced to disable the comments portion for the youtube video.

So does this commercial really have a negative influence on children? The Fine Bros wanted to find out. They recently released a new episode of Kids React showing kids watching the Cheerios commercial followed by a discussion of what the children felt about it. What did the episode prove? Children may very well have a better sense of right and wrong than adults. Check out the adorable reactions below:

It is heartwarming to have children understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with bi-racial couples. In fact, the kids point out that its very unfair and cruel to dislike a family simply because of the color of their skin.

As one child points out, we claim that we are a country of equality, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, this issue extends beyond the black and white community which was featured in the Cheerios commercial.

In this day and age, many Asians find themselves in interracial relationships, but their love is met with negative reactions. Asian women are called sell-outs for choosing a man of another race, Asian men are high-fived for finding a non-Asian girlfriend, Asian parents scold their children for not choosing someone of the same cultural background.

If children are mature enough to understand that love is love despite the color of one’s skin, why is the public having such a hard time? Why does our Asian community struggle to accept the possibility of legitimate feelings for someone outside of the Asian circle?


Let us know what you think and share some of your own experiences below.