Problematic Idea of The Day: The Price of Your Rent Depends On Your Weight

From the time that we are born, we are taught that slim is in. We are given the belief as women that thin is beautiful and we must strive to get to or maintain that image. In the United States alone, nearly $35 billion a year is spent on weight loss products. Our obsession to be thin has become so extreme that companies have been thriving in the weight loss industry. There have been pills, workout machines, smoothies, and just about everything you can think of that focuses on weight loss.

In Japan, they’ve taken the idea of weight loss to an entirely new level. In what Huffington Post refers to as “one of the most unique weight-loss schemes of all”, the Lady Share House B&B in Osaka offers discounted rent price dependent on the tenants weight loss. The residential facility will deduct 1,000 yen (roughly $10) for every 2.2 pounds lost and inversely, the rent will increase for increased weight.

The goal of the residential facility, apparently, is to create an environment which supports and facilitates healthy living. In their defense, no one can say that Lady Share House B&B isn’t trying. In fact, their efforts are clearly done with good intentions. The building offers an exercise studio and even lecture on weight management. None the less, the building has still stirred quite the debate. The B&B was questioned for its unlimited snacks and sugary drinks offered to the tenants. Are these snacks really offered to encourage health living or was it a scheme to increase the tenants’ weight? They defended this act by claiming that the availability of the snacks was an effort to help their tenants learn to resist temptation. Questionable? Certainly.

While we are in full support of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are a number of problems that may arise from this rent tactic. In an effort to decrease rent, especially if one is in the position of financial hardship, one may go to extreme measures  to decrease their rent price. This added pressure may simply add on to the unhealthy obsession to be thin.

Additionally, with further research into the facility, it was discovered that the B&B was attracting many women who were not overweight at all. Will this B&B simply encourage women to be even thinner? Will this aid in the already problematic obsession of weight loss? Tell us what you think below.

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The Truth About Summer Flings

Who can forget Danny and Sandy singing Summer Nights and reminiscing about their perfect summer romance. Let’s be honest here. I’m sure many of us, even if it was a mere fleeting moment, have daydreamed about the possibility of summer love. And why not? We are led to believe in the magic of summer romance. We are made to believe that these flings are all about heated passion. Its a relationship that doesn’t consist of the usual drama. It’s a time to have fun, right?

Well its these very beliefs, or misconceptions rather, that could get you into a summer mess. Entering a summer fling with these expectations are dangerous because let’s be honest here- love, romance, and relationships are not always like the movies.


MYTH #1:
Summer Flings will reach its inevitable end
Many people enter summer flings believing that the name says it all. It is a romance for summertime and only summertime. A number of problems may arise from this. While you may have the stern belief that your summer fling will reach its end in a few months, your partner may not be on the same page. Don’t get yourself in a sticky situation. If your goal is to have a fling confined to summertime, you owe it to your partner to be open about this.

And even with open communication, this mindset poses a threat. As much as we’d like to think that we have complete control over our emotions, sometimes we simply can’t help who we gain feelings for. You may enter this summer fling under an agreement that it will end when summer does, but then you catch feelings and instead you have a problem on your hands. Don’t limit yourself to these boundaries.

MYTH #2:
Summer Romance will continue
You may be the exact opposite of the previous myth. Maybe you’ve gone overboard on the summer romance films which always end in happily ever after. Maybe you’re under the impression that a summer fling simply means the time you begin dating “the one”. Let’s make this clear: just because this romance begins in the summer does not mean that it magically gains more of a chance to continue.

Do some summer relationships continue? Of course. But similar to every relationship, its dangerous to have fairy-tale expectations. I’m sure that person you met on vacation in a foreign country seems perfect, but its important to stay realistic about your decisions and your feelings. You owe it to yourself to find the balance between your mind and your heart, even if summer lovin’ is in the air.

MYTH #3:
Summer Flings are drama-free
For all of us who have experienced summer romance, let’s take a moment to laugh at this one. Since the sun is out, your relationship will have no complications? Wrong. Summertime does not take away complicated exes, you significant other’s trust issues, or your unwillingness to commit. None of these problems go away simply because of the season. Don’t get caught up in the idea of a glamorous version of summer.

MYTH #4:
People will judge you for having/wanting a summer fling
“You know what they say about people who have summer flings!” Don’t know what they say? Yeah, neither do we. None-the-less, some people continue to avoid summer flings simply because they fear judgement. Quite frankly, its silly to avoid relationships simply because its summer.

This negative perception is largely due to the word “fling”. Suddenly you’re perceived as someone who doesn’t want a serious relationship and you just want to have fun. First of all, theres no problem what so ever if you don’t want to be in a serious relationship and you do, in fact, want to have fun. You are perfectly entitled to feel this way. And maybe you do want a serious relationship, but you don’t want people thinking its a “fling”. This is the moment where we tell you that whats most important is that you know its serious.

Summer Romance is Magic
Quite frankly, this one isn’t fair to you or to your partner. As we’ve mentioned, people are caught up in the idea of summer lovin’ magic. If your summer does end up being some over-the-top fairy tale, then good for you. But what if it doesn’t meet your expectations? You may ruin a perfectly fine summer relationship because you expected too much. Appreciate your summer for what it is. Fall in love with your summer fling, not with the idea of it.



So are summer flings worth it? The truth is, we can’t answer that question for you. Contrary to popular belief, there is no quintessential version of summer romance that most people have. Summer romance is just like every other type of romance- capable of going many directions. So do yourself a favor and drop these misconceptions and expectations. Your summer romance will not (or should not) be based on what you heard a summer romance will be- its what you make of it.

ASIANS IN COMICS Appreciation Post

Comic-Con may be over for the summer, but the fandom behind it is as enthusiastic as ever. The San Diego Comic-Con, which gains thousands of attendees yearly, is still fresh in the minds of many so its not a surprise to me that comics have made its way to being one of the main topics of discussion these past couple of weeks.

One question I was asked was which character I would cosplay as if I were given the opportunity to do so. I found myself hesitating. While I can acknowledge that the Asian presence in the American comic book industry has been making quite some progress, the list of Asian comic book characters that I could choose from still felt slim. To prove my point, my friends laughed while suggesting the only mainstream Asian woman character they could think of off the top of their head: X-Men‘s Jubilee (or apparently if I wanted to be daring, I could also be The Walking Dead‘s Glenn).

Now one could argue that I don’t have to choose an Asian character just because I’m Asian, but quite frankly thats not the point. There’s a reason why we get so excited when we see even one Asian character pop up in a series. You have to give us a break here- it doesn’t happen all too often.

With that said, the Asian presence is slowly, but surely, increasing in numbers. Writers, artists, and even Asian characters have been popping up everywhere and upon closer examination, I realized that the list of characters to choose from was more than I had originally presumed. Much to my delight, it became clear that there are a number of notable Asian figures making strides in the comic book industry. There are people who are working so that in time, I will have more characters suggested to me aside from Jubliee and Glenn (Don’t get me wrong, of course. I’m sure I’d make a lovely Glenn).

It only feels right that we take some time to showcase and appreciate some of these notable Asian comic book characters and the Asian artists behind these works. Lucky for us, this list seems to be growing more everyday.



cass cain

Cassandra Cain- A Eurasian fictional character in DC Comics who serves as one of many Batgirls (part of the Batman franchise). A gifted warrior, Cassandra Cain was born and trained from birth to be the ultimate assassin. Cassandra was deprived of speech and human contact. Instead, she was taught to read the physical movements of humans in order to determine their next move. Cassandra is the first Batgirl to get her own Batgirl comicbook series.

Jubliee-A Chinese American mutant within Marvel’s X-Men franchise. Known for having the superhuman ability to create “sparkles” from her hands. Although the youngest member of X-Men for quite some time, she was also a prominent figure during the 90’s era. More recently, Jubilee had lost her mutant powers, but was infected with a vampiric virus and currently has the abilities of a vampire.


Psylocke- A fictional character in Marvel Comics most known for her appearances in the X-Men franchise. Psylocke made her first appearance in UK Comic book Captain Britain which stars her twin brother. Psylocke’s mutant powers begin as telepathy and she eventually acquires telekinesis.

lady Shiva
Lady Shiva- Mother to Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, Lady Shiva is also a character from DC Comics. She is an assassin known for killing her targets with her bare hands. Her popularity increased when she became more involved with the Batman franchise characters including the famous fights with her own daughter, Cassandra.

Lady Deathstrike- A Japanese Marvel Supervillain. Lady Deathstrike’s father was Lord Dark Wind himself who created the adamantium-bonding process (This is the indestructible metal alloy used on Wolverine’s skeleton and claws).Lady Deathstrike had adamantium bonded to her own skeleton. After her fathers dramatic end, Lady Deathstrike focused on seeking vengeance for his death. She is a foe of the X-Men and aims to kill Wolverine in particular.

Karma- A Vietnamese mutant part of Marvel’s X-Men franchise. Karma was among the “boat people” fleeing Vietnam during the war. Her mutant power is the ability to control the mind of others. She is one of the five founding members of the New Mutants (a group of teenage mutant superheros-in-training) and she is one of the first lesbian characters in such a well-known comic-book franchise.


Ryan Choi (Atom) - A DC Comics fictional super hero. Born in Hong Kong, Choi was a protege of Ray Palmer. Palmer had a sudden disapperance and Choi moved to Ivy Town to take over his Palmer’s position as a professor at Ivy University. What he didn’t expect was to find Palmer’s “bio-belt” which can control the size and density of its wearer. Under Palmer’s blessing, Ryan becomes the new Atom.

captain steel
Captain Steel- Although this DC Character was not originally Asian, in DC‘s “New 52″ reboot which featured a parallel world, it was revealed that Captain Steel was Pilipino. Although DC had Pilipino characters prior to this, Captain Steel was the first Pilipino superhero. Suffering from a congenital defect causing brittle bones, his scientist father created a metal substance to replace his bones and unknowingly gave him super human strength.

tony chu
Tony Chu- A Chinese character from Image Comics, Tony Chu is one of few Asian American characters who is the lead of his own book, Chew. Chu is a police detective who is a “Cibopath” – he can take a bite out of anything and get a psychic read of what happened to them/it. It is in this manner that he solves his crimes.

glenn twd
Glenn (The Walking Dead)- A young member of the original Atlanta survivor group- a group of random strangers who must work together to survive an undead apocalypse. He is described as a selfless character who takes dangerous risks for the benefit of the group and thus becomes a vital member for their survival. His character increased in popularity due to the hit horror television series based on the comic book of the same name. His character is played by Korean American actor, Steven Yeun.



jim lee 2
Jim Lee- Arguably the most known and decorated Asian-American comicbook artist, Korean-American Jim Lee began his career as an artist for Marvel Comics and he became a household name with his work for the X-Men franchise. In 1992, Lee joined forces with serval other artists to create Image Comics where he worked on WildCats. Adding on to his impressive resume, in 2010 Lee was announced as Co-publisher of DC Comics. He has worked on popular franchises such as X-Men, Batman, and Superman.

Leinil Yu
Leinil Yu- A Pilipino comic book artist who currently serves as one of Marvel’s major Asian-American artists. He began his career at Marvel by working on Wolverine. Pleased with his work, he was then asked to create art for Fantastic Four, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk, and New Avengers. Yu has also done some work with DC such as Superman:Birthright with prominent writer Mark Waid. Additionally, he was the conceptional artist for the 2005 film Serenity (written and directed by Joss Whedon)

Whilce Portacio- Pilipino comicbook artist who was discovered in a San Diego Comic-con by a Marvel Comics editor. He was offered a position at Marvel to ink artwork and as a penciller. He is one of the seven co-founders of Image Comics and has also worked with DC Comics. While working on Uncanny X-Men became co-creator of the character Bishop. He has worked on many big titles including Punisher, Batman/Superman, Stormwatch, X-Force, Hulk, Iron Man, X-Factor, Alpha Flight, Batman, The Darkness and he is the creator of the series Wetworks.

Marjorie Liu- A novelist and comic writer most known for her work with Marvel Comics. She has written for the X-Men/Wolverine franchises with works such as NYX, X-23, Dark Wolverine, and Astonishing X-Men. She is also known for writing the first ever gay wedding in comics.

jo chen
Jo Chen- A comicbook artist and writer most known for her painted comicbook covers. She worked professionally in the Asian comic book industry before beginning her career with DC Comics in 2000. Within DC, she has worked on major titles such as Thor and the Batman & Robin Franchise. She is most known for her work as a cover artist for Runaways (A Marvel comic book series) and Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In addition to comics, she has done artwork for videogames such as Fable and Final Fantasy, and has created a manga series.

dustin nguyen
Dustin Nguyen- A Vietnamese-American comic book artist who has worked with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Wildstorm. He has worked on popular Batman titles such as Batman, Detective Comics and Batman: Streets of Gotham. His cover art includes other major DC titles such as Batman Beyond and JL: Generation Lost. In addition, he has worked on projects such as Batgirl, Justice League Beyond, and a new digital series titled Batman: Li’l Gotham. When he’s not working on comics, Nguyen is also a conceptional artists for toys, games, and animation.

Feminism and Go-Go Dancing? Get to Know ROLL MODELS Star Scarlet Chan

You may know her as the “loud and crazy” girl from the K-Town reality show. Maybe you know her as the self-proclaimed feminist model who has no problem discussing her ex-stripping days. Or maybe you know her as the badass from the new reality show Roll Models. Regardless of where you recognize her from, one thing is clear- this girl is here to stay. We were lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Scarlet Chan and get to know her past the girl we see on the show. Audrey Magazine talks childhood, feminism, and Roll Models with Scarlet Chan:


AUDREY MAGAZINE: How was it like growing up in Hong Kong and can you tell us a bit more about your childhood?
SCARLET CHAN: I lived there until I was about nine years old. I would say we grew up upper-middle class. Then when we immigrated to the States and its like ‘Oh you’re not upper middle class anymore. You don’t have a car. You don’t have a nanny. You kinda just have to do everything yourself.’ So it was a reality check. We had to grow up really fast. My parents divorced when I was seven so my mom being a single mother added an extra layer of hardship and struggle to deal with, but she did everything she could to make sure rent was paid. Growing up I got to do all kinds of extra curricular activities. She made sure she made enough money to pay for all that stuff so I’m totally grateful for it.

AM: Did young Scarlet have any idea that she would turn to performing or reality television?
SC: No, but I remember wanting to be a model. I wanted to be a model like when I was four. I saw some runway show on TV and I would try to do the catwalk in my house. My mom still teases me about it [laughs].  I remember wanting to be in the limelight at some point, but not reality TV and not in this kind of character either. I feel like the show painted me as a very specific character that I’m suppose to resemble – I didn’t expect that.

[Reality television] was never part of the plan, but I never really had a plan. Some people are like ‘I want to be an astronaut’ or ‘I wanna be a teacher when I grow up’. None of that really solidified for me. I was kinda like ‘Oh I’m really into swimming right now and now I’m really into playing this instrument’.  I kinda just went from thing to thing.


AM: So you started exotic dancing while doing research for a college thesis. Can you tell us about that?
SC: I was a Women’s Studies Major and the program that I was in at UC Santa Barbara is super progressive. They make sure to incorporate women and sex work as part of their lecture. Their whole motto is that its about the choice that women can make with their lives. Certain people in sex work were obviously forced into it, but then theres women that chose that type of profession  just because they really enjoy the work and they love it. I was always fascinated with it because I’ve always been very sexual. Seriously, growing up I was always kinda like ‘oh sex this, sex that’ and so were the rest of my friends so it was always pretty natural for me to be more drawn to that subject- especially for college.

I would have to say that I was curious about the sex industry and me deciding to write a thesis about it is not like “Oh I want to strip.” Its like “Oh, I’m doing this research paper… but really I wanna strip” [laughs]. That was like my excuse to get into it. It was a good learning experience I would say. Not only did I get to interview other women while I was working as an exotic dancer, but I journaled [my experiences] every night. [I journaled] how I felt, how much money I was making, what I would wear. I just documented everything for the span of three months and then I wrote my paper about it over a year and a half.

AM: You’ve called yourself an “Ethical Feminist” thats very proud of her sexuality. Can you explain that to us?
SC: [Ethical Feminism] is about being ethical about your womanhood and women kinda finding themselves and coming into their own. I always feel like theres that double standard that women can’t be intelligent, smart, and respectable, but at the same time also have this sexuality. You just can’t be both.  You can’t be of power and be in charge in the bedroom at the same time.

Growing up, I’ve always been very experimental with doing sexual acts. I feel like in highschool, I was the first to be sexually active among my friends and I got berated for it. There was a lot of slut-bashing during my adolescent years so for me, I’ve always just been fascinated about why people have such strong emotions towards a woman thats in charge; who’s sexual and proud about it and not hiding it. The ethical part is me saying you have to treat all your sexual partners with respect and its always with consent. [You both have to] acknowledge the fears that you have and the concerns that you have.  You have to have a good open dialogue about it. I don’t think enough people practice this type of sexual behavior and being a feminist I’m kinda like ‘Alright, I’m a b*tch thats in charge’.  Its not so much a power trip, but feeling empowered and being comfortable with who I am.

AM: So you’re in the new reality show called ROLL MODELS. What can you tell us about your character?
SC: They put me in the show because I was actually introduced to go-go dancing and import modeling through Joe. The arch of the show is that I’m interested in it- I don’t wanna go back to stripping, but I want to find some kind of alternative that’s kinda in the middle so I figured go-go dancing and import modeling would be a good introductory step for me to make some extra money without dealing with stripping. I’m introduced, through Joe, to Michelle and Nikita. Both of those ladies have been in the scene for a long time and people actually know them and they’re super famous and popular within the import modeling scene.

AM:  You mentioned that in Roll Models you’re trying to pursue go-go dancing and import modeling. Was that something you always thought about pursuing?
SC: I do want to pursue it, forsure. It’s not something I’ve always wanted to do, but the opportunity just kinda presented itself and it makes sense at this time in my life because I definitely don’t want to go back to stripping- I’m too old for that. I’m too old, I’m too tired to deal with all the drama. [laughs]

AM:  Is Roll Models anything like your previous reality show, K-Town?
SC: No, not at all. Oh my god, not at all. Its completely different. I thought it was gonna be the same- everything behind the camera is the same, but its a whole different view. The cast is so different. First of all, they’re all girls. Second of all, they’re all nice until you piss them off and then they turn into a raging b*tch. The show is more about girl humor than any other show that I’ve ever seen.

AM:  Roll Models is already building up a lot of reactions from the public. How do you respond to the reactions that don’t like how Asians are portrayed on the show?
SC: Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but when I first started with the show, I already knew the producers for years and I know their heart is in the right place. Our whole goal is to put more Asian American faces on television or out in the media and I just don’t think there’s enough representation of it. I don’t wanna say bad representation is better than no representation because I don’t necessarily think this is bad representation at all. I feel like this represents a very narrow segment of the Asian-Am community. This is a little glance of what we’re all about. This is just one facet of a whole range of color and different characters out there. I feel like everyone knows that- theres not just one cookie-cutter type of Asian that exists. Theres a whole ring of different people.

So when I read that negative kind of response, I’ll admit that it does get to me, but at the same time I’m like you know what, I’m just gonna do what I gotta do and tune them out. I’m just being myself- I’m not here to represent everyone in the world. If they think another show will be more interesting, they should go produce that f*cking show. They shouldn’t try to criticize us trying to make a difference when they’re sitting back eating cheetos, not doing anything about it and just talking sh*t about the work we’re doing. Thats all I’m saying.

AM:  Is the Scarlet Chan that we see on screen the same as the Scarlet Chan in real life? Do you embellish yourself a little or is there a side of you that you maintain private and just for close friends?
SC: It’s pretty much the real Scarlet Chan. The only part I don’t show is when I’m talking baby voice and cute with my boyfriend. That’s really private. “Aww baby, I miss you” and all that sh*t- you don’t see that because no one wants to see that [laughs]. Its gross. Like I want to throw up in my mouth when I do that so I’m not trying to gross everyone out.

I just go balls to the walls. I don’t hold back. There are moments where I think I go too far, especially when I do confessionals. I kinda have this sense of regret after some of my confessionals. I’m like ‘f*ck, maybe I just took that to the next level,’ but not in a good way at all.  I think it was episode two or three of K-town when I lifted my shirt and flashed the cameras and I was like “My titties taste like garlic fries!” [laughs] I just said the first thing that came to mind and I immediately regretted it. I was so embarrassed. All my friends were laughing hysterically at me.

And for Roll Models, I acted even more ridiculous in every aspect.


AM:  Whats your most favorite and least favorite part about filming for Roll Models?
SC: Okay, my most favorite part would be getting to watch my other cast mates change in and out of their outfits.  I’m kinda a pervert. I love watching them change. They don’t know that, but now they’ll know that. [Laughs]

And that’s just one aspect of it. I would say the crew meal in between shootings, that’s probably what I love and miss the most. I feel like towards the end of the show, I realized that these girls are actually all really sweet and really nice. I feel like people pre-judge them a lot because they’re gorgeous and they tend to talk about themselves a lot, but then you peel all the layers back and when they’re just being themselves and when they don’t have to worry about their hair, their make up, and their outfit, then they’re actually really funny girls. They’re all really smart and they’re good at what they do. I feel like that bond that I have with these girls is what I miss.

What I don’t like is dealing with high-maintenance b*tches all day long [laughs]. I remember the initial three days of meeting all these girls, I was annoyed the entire time. I’m high-maintenance, but I keep a lot of those high-maintenance comments to myself. It took me a long time to find a commonality that I have with them. They’re really girly. They go to the gym and do yoga. I don’t f*cking go to the gym. I go surfing and I ride my bike.

AM:  What can we expect from the upcoming episodes of Roll Models?
SC: Theres gonna be a lot of T&A (tits and ass). There’s gonna be a lot of catty humor. This is what the show is about and I find it super funny- when girls make passive aggressive jabs at each other like “Oh, before I met you, I didn’t think I was gonna like you, but you’re not that bad.” [Laughs] You know what I’m talking about! There’s a lot of stank eyes being passed at one another then eventually a blow up, but of course there’s a make up session. Its girl bitchiness the whole time and I personally find it hilarious.


Be sure to watch Roll Models here.

Adorable Asian Baby Overload

royal baby

The birth of the royal baby seems to have everyone in a baby frenzy. Although the world has only gotten a glimpse of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s new royal baby boy, Prince George Alexander Louis has already been the talk of the town. While we all anxiously wait for the radiant new parents to release more photos of the baby, we decided to tend to our baby-frenzy.

We’re not quite sure when this trend started, but cute Asian babies rank right up there with puppies and memes when it comes to social media sites. A quick scroll through my tumblr dashboard will mean squeals upon squeals because its covered with, you guessed it, adorable babies.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1) The Messy Hair- Teddy Bear Baby
baby 1

2) The Happy Monkey Baby
baby 2

3) The Big-Eyed Baby
baby 3

4) The Shocked Panda Baby
baby 4

5) The Squishy Baby
baby 5

6)The Scared Penguin Baby
baby 6

7)The Fashionista Baby
baby 7

8)The Has-All-The-Ice-Cream Baby
Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.35.16 AM

9) The Has-No-Ice-Cream Baby
baby 8

10) The Cheeks for Days Baby
baby 9

11) The Chun-Li Baby
baby 10

12)Baby In Red
baby 11

13) The Kitty Baby
baby 13

14) The Hipster-Glasses Baby
baby 14

15) The Schoolboy Baby
baby 15

16) The Adorably Hungry Baby

And last, but certainly not least

16) Yerin Park
yp 1
yp 2
yp 3
yp 4
yp 5

Do Women Need Men To Purchase A Car?

“Never go to the car dealership without a man. They will take advantage of you because you’re a woman.”

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard this. Naturally, I begin to protest against this statement, but then I remember the fact that my own mother was charged double what she was suppose to pay. I remember my aunt was suckered into paying for a number of “problems” with her car that quite frankly didn’t exist. I remember my cousin angrily ranting that although she was the one purchasing the car, the dealer only spoke to her boyfriend while making his sales pitch.

So what’s really going on here? Although we are angry about the statement that men should be with us while purchasing a car, is this actually sound advice? Nolo reports: “Women buy 54% of the cars in the United States, and influence 84% of all vehicle purchase decisions. Yet most women dread the car buying experience, with good reason. Women often get ignored, patronized, or just plain ripped off at car dealerships. And lack of knowledge about cars and the car buying process isn’t always the culprit. In a study conducted by two economists in Chicago, car dealers quoted higher prices to a test group of women than to a similar group of men, even when those women came to the dealership armed with the same information as the men, and followed the same “script” as the men.”

TrueCar decided to release a commercial which discusses the worries that women face while purchasing their car. It is clear that the ad aims to relieve this stress and point out how can help women be brave enough to venture into the car dealership all on their own. Instead of a man, now women have TrueCar!

Sense a bit of a condescending tone there? Yup, we did too. In fact, many people had a negative response to the ad which gave the impression that TrueCar would be the male replacement. Because we still apparently can’t apparently walk into a car dealership and successfully negotiate the deal on our own. No, we need a male or a male replacement.

car 1 car 2

So tell us what you think? Is this commercial simply being misinterpreted? Or do their good intentions fall short? Watch the ad below and tell us what you think:


Ask Audrey Staff | Awkward Love Advice From Asian Parents

There is a saying that Asian parents and older Asians in general like inserting themselves in our lives. They want to pass on their knowledge and wisdom by giving their opinion on everything. Everything. They will tell us how we ought to handle school, how to keep our complexions maintained, and even enforce a handful of cultural urban myths that make absolutely no sense, but must be followed because the elders say so.

So when we finally reach an age where dating is acceptable to our parents (ie. the age we finally stop hiding our significant others from them), our parents and relatives believe thats it’s their born duty to give us love advice. Awkward? Yes. Makes no sense? Sometimes. Funny? Always.

Since we have an abundance of it, we’ve decided to share this wisdom and knowledge with you. Here is our own account of Awkward Love Advice From Asian Parents:

Disclaimer: These are all actual things that our parents/relatives have told us, but by no means do we actually believe in or endorse this advice at all. We find it just as awkward as you do.

“Don’t talk to him/her too much. Then you will run out of things to say and then you will start fighting. And then you will break up. No happy ending.”

“If you’re out on a date and he can’t decide what to order, he’s no good. If he keeps changing his taste in food, then he’ll change his taste in women.”

“Don’t date men who are too pale. They are weak sexually.”

“Check out the girls’ mother. That’s what she’ll end up looking like in 20-30 years.”

“Marry someone who is ugly so he will never cheat on you.”

“If you marry a girl with a widow’s peak, you would die early.”

make up
“When your husband gets home from work, put some makeup on so that you don’t look like a sick person. Men are visual creatures.”

“If a man has a mole on his lips, thats good. It means he’s a good kisser. If a woman has a mole on her lips, thats bad. It means she gossips too much.”

mother son
“Be like his mother. Men like women who remind them of their mothers.”

“Don’t be like his mother. Men hate when women remind them of their mothers.”

Act of Heroism From Japanese Train Passengers

During Monday morning rush hour in a Tokyo train station, passengers were met with horrific news- a woman had fallen into the eight inch gap between the train and the platform and was trapped. The woman had fallen while getting off the train in Japan Railway Minami Urawa Station in Saitama, near Tokyo

Rather than mind their own business and focus on getting to work, over 40 passengers joined the train officials to push the 32-ton train to its side. The train’s suspension system lets it to lean to either side with enough force. This allowed for passengers to pull the woman out once the carriage was shifted. With the efforts of this act of kindness, the delay took only a mere 8 minutes.

Miraculously, the trapped woman was pulled out uninjured and received a round of applause. The woman was apparently in her 30’s. Its unclear how the unidentified women had fallen into the gap, but onlookers claim that she had gotten trapped around her waist.

A newspaper photographer happened to catch the act of heroism in action. This photo of the rescue ran in the Yomiuri’s evening edition.

See the full photo below:




Earthquake in China Claims Lives and Injures Hundreds

On Monday morning, an earthquake with an estimated 5.9-6.6 magnitude hit the farming area of northwest China prompting landslides and destroying hundreds of buildings. Early reports from the official Xinhua news agency had stated that 22 people died, but since then, more mortalities have been confirmed. Now, Huffington Post reports that the earthquake has claimed the lives of at least 75 people and has injured over 400. There are still over a dozen people missing which could add onto this death toll.

Eight towns within the area sustained serious damage. Zhangxian county reports over 380 collapsed buildings and 5,600 damaged buildings. Nearly 2,000 homes were destroyed and 14,066 homes have been left without power.

Heavy rain following the earthquake contributed to the situation by causing mudslides and landslides throughout the area. Subsequent tremors, including a magnitude 5.6 aftershock, hit the same area 90 minutes later.

Disaster-relief teams have been rushed to the scene and nearly 500 people have been sent so far. These individuals include rescue workers and military units. Hospital aid-stations have been set up all over to help with the overwhelming number of injured victims. Hundreds of paramilitary People’s Armed Police have been sent to locate missing people and the Chinese Red Cross has sent over survival material including tents, jackets, and household items.

Because communication has been disrupted in such a wide area, the reported amount of inured and killed people continues to rise.

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