Birks Just Work: Lucky’s Eva Chen, Model Irene Kim and Yes, Now Couples

Asian celebs and bloggers alike are embracing summer’s big Birkenstock trend. Even Lucky Magazine‘s Editor-In-Chief Eva Chen is a big fan of the Birkenstock original, spotted donning a white pair and practically living in her special all-black pair. (In addition to the above, check out the other photos she’s posted of the sandals on her Instagram.)


Now, Korean brand Suecomma Bonnie has added some gold-studded flair to the style, taking the “ugly-cool” sandal up a notch. Korea’s hottest model Irene Kim has been seen walking the streets of Seoul in their Black Spike-G Sandals, causing a flurry of copycats desperate to get their hands on a pair.

irene kim

Irene Kim at Shanghai Pudong Airport

While Spike-G sandals may be ideal for hot days and traveling, make no mistake — they come at a price (almost $400 or 398,000 won)! Hey, you may be broke, but at least you’ll be comfortable and in style.


The best part of this trend is that Birks are a unisex sandal, which means they’re ideal for that favorite pastime of couples in Asia — matching their clothes! If you just can’t get enough of this trend, grab your significant other and definitely try some matching Arizona Birks! — Rachel Chen and Jeline Abutin

Jose Antonio Vargas’s Eye-Opening Film DOCUMENTED to Air on CNN Tomorrow Night

On Sunday, June 29, CNN will be broadcasting the film Documented, which tells the personal story of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas and aims to show a full, complex picture of what it looks like to be an undocumented immigrant in America. Story by Ada Tseng.

Until 2011, when he penned a New York Times Magazine essay revealing his own status as an undocumented immigrant in America, Jose Antonio Vargas had been living a double life. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, who had made a prestigious career for himself interviewing Mark Zuckerberg for the New Yorker and Al Gore for Rolling Stone, as well as covering the Virginia Tech shootings for the Washington Post, was living in the United States without official papers, terrified that he’d be deported at any minute if his secret was discovered.

Vargas was born in the Philippines and brought over to live with his grandparents in Mountain View, Calif., when he was 12 years old. It wasn’t until four years later, when he went to apply for a driver’s license, that he learned his papers were fake. Vargas’ grandfather had bought him a fraudulent green card as an attempt to give him a better life in the U.S., and the tentative plan was for his mother to follow (which didn’t work out) and for Vargas to work low-key jobs in the service industry (as they had) until he could hopefully marry a citizen and obtain legal papers in the future.

While this news may have scared many teenagers completely into hiding, the young Vargas was determined to prove himself worthy of the title of “American.” However, 15 years later, as an extremely successful, tax-paying adult who had achieved what some may see as the “American Dream,” Vargas was tired of lying to the world. Only when he outed himself in a national newspaper, in the most public way possible, was he able to join fellow undocumented activists and become a prominent voice and face in the controversial, high-profile immigration debates. He would later testify in front of the Senate in February 2013 about immigration reform and create Define American, a campaign and nonprofit organization that seeks to elevate the conversation about immigration in this country.

Being sworn in before the Senate.

Being sworn in before the Senate.

His autobiographical documentary, Documented, which Vargas produced and co-directed, had its U.S. theatrical premiere in May 2013 and will air on CNN this summer. The film documents his personal struggles in the context of the ongoing challenges of the U.S. immigration system as a whole. In a CNN article Vargas wrote last March explaining why he made Documented, he reminds the reader that, every day, an estimated 1,100 immigrants are deported and the U.S. government has deported a record number of more than 2 million immigrants in just the last five years. The film not only details his story but also features interviews with his mother in the Philippines, who he, because he cannot leave the country, has not seen in person in two decades.

“Halfway through filming, one of my filmmaker friends asked me, ‘How could you do a film on immigration and not include your mom?’” remembers Vargas. “Now, I barely talk to my mom, much less want to see her on film.” But Vargas came to understand that he couldn’t fully tackle his own pain until he understood his mother’s suffering, and her compelling story became a tribute to all parents who make extremely difficult sacrifices for their children.

“I didn’t want to show you a film where we wrap the story in a bow and say, ‘Now they’re united through Skype!’” says Vargas. “I wanted all these unanswered questions and mixed emotions,” he continues. “You want to talk to me about a broken immigration system? Well, let me show you a broken family. That’s what a broken immigration system is. Don’t talk to me about the border. Don’t talk to me about illegal people, Republicans or Democrats. Let me show you what a broken immigration system looks like.”

A photo of Jose Antonio Vargas and his mother in the Philippines before he was sent to America.

A photo of Jose Antonio Vargas and his mother in the Philippines before he was sent to America.

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Around the World Blogger Spotlight: Jody Nguyen of Silkybow

Craving some fashion inspiration? Check out blogger of the day Jody Nguyen!

Residing in Adelaide, Australia, Nguyen is the creator of the fashion blog Posting outfits of the day, as well as post about her everyday life (food and all), Nguyen captivates readers with her simple and posh looks.

With a mixture of chic dresses and to-die-for locks, this Aussie babe can captivate an audience. Besides her polished and sophisticated looks, Nguyen also knows how to rock a great casual outfit for the summer. Check out how she styles this summer’s sneaker trend below and be inspired! — Jeline Abutin

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.22.41 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.23.11 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.23.19 AM




New Plus-Size Fashion Magazine Launches in South Korea

Story by Michelle Woo. 

In the swarm of headlines about extreme dieting, undernourishment, slimming products and image-obsession in South Korea, here’s something that makes us scream, “AT LAST!” A new plus-size fashion magazine has launched in Seoul. Its goal is to promote healthy body images and help women accept themselves no matter what their size.

66100 is the brainchild of Vivian Kim (who goes by Kim Ji-yang in Korea), the first Korean model to debut at Full Figured Fashion Week in Los Angeles. Size 66 is the Korean equivalent of women’s XL in the United States. “100″ refers to large clothes for men.

Kim, who is 5-foot-5 and 154 pounds, told Korea Times that it’s hard finding plus-size women in Korea who feel confident enough to be featured in a magazine, but she hopes that the publication will open up a new market and encourage clothing companies to cater to different body types. She says Korean women don’t feel as stressed out while shopping in the U.S. simply because there are more sizes available.

Using her personal savings, Kim printed 1,000 copies of the first edition of 61000, and so far, it’s been well-received.

“Beauty is not about whether a person is fat or not,” her motto states. “It’s about having the confidence to know you are beautiful the way you are.”

ps 1 ps2

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At the World Cup, South Korea Wins for Having the Cutest Newscaster

Story by Michelle Woo. 

Aside from that game where a bunch of guys in long socks chase after a ball, the World Cup is known for its spectators. And one who has been charming the Internet is Jang Ye-won.

The South Korean newscaster was sent to Brazil to cover the Spain vs Chile match. In a news clip about her trip, she’s seen wearing a Spain jersey while clapping and smiling at the camera.

Let’s see that again.

And again.

And again.






Who says this year’s World Cup is a downer?

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The Do’s & Don’ts of This Summer’s Bralet Fashion Trend

Story by Jeline Abutin. 

Underwear as outerwear has made a scene in the fashion world. Watch out Audrey readers. The bralet fashion trend is definitely taking over this summer!

This trend may seem unusual, but who said that fashion follows the norm?

Below are some tips below on some things to keep in mind when trying this out-there trend! Don’t forget to find a bralet that fits your body perfectly, no one wants any mishaps.

1). Counter the skin tight nature of the bralet with a flowy maxi skirt! Wearing a top that is both cropped and fitted to the body can be daunting. Adding a loose maxi skirt adds balance to the outfit!
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.27.46 AM
2). Not feeling a skirt? Add a loose factor to your bralet outfit with a long cardigan or kimono cover up!
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.28.49 AM

3). Want to flaunt your bralet? Try pairing it with a pencil skirt. Remember not too tight!
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.29.55 AM

4). Going for a more polished look with your bralet? Pair your bralet with a structured blazer.
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.30.53 AM


Ice Up Your Summer With This Pastel Blue Fashion Trend

Story by Jeline Abutin.

Did you think pastels were just for the spring? Think again. This summer, try the icy shade of pastel blue. This color is definitely trending! Portray your laid-back summer months through some stylish pastel blue pieces. This color is both calm and soothing. It will definitely keep you cool from the sun, unlike a darker color that will soak up the sun’s heat.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.24.15 PM

Seen in fashion shows for Prada, Valentino, and much more, pastel blue can be edgy, despite its demure look.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.24.30 PM

Feeling like the pastel blue is a little too dull for your taste? Pair this color with bright bold colored pieces to add balance. Want to soak up the trend in all its coolness? Don’t be afraid to wear pastel blue throughout your whole outfit. Add hints of white to accent your pastel blue pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.24.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.24.38 PM

Hot Summer Trend: Tropical Print

Story by Jeline Abutin. 

Despite the cliché, tropical prints are a wardrobe must in the hot summer months. Consisting of a plethora of prints ranging from palm trees to exotic florals, tropical prints may have you taking a vacation 24/7. Fashion-wise that is.

Resembling the Hawaiian shirt your dad or grandpa wore, tropical prints have gone farther than just a Luau or vacation staple piece. They have been seen on the runway from designers like Armani and have been in retail stores like Zara and Forever 21.

This bold and bright print will have you feeling refreshed. Is the tropical print too touristy for your taste? Give your outfit a modern feel by pairing your tropical piece with another pattern. Do you have a tropical print dress and just don’t know what to wear it with? Pair your dress with a simple jean jacket and simple accessories to highlight the print.

One tip to keep in mind when wearing this print for the summer is to not over accessorize. Keep it simple since the print is so bold!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.23.06 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.23.13 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 3.23.23 PM

Put Away Those Heels For These Trendy Slip-Ons

Story by Jeline Abutin. 

Wearing your go-to sky high Jeffery Campbell’s can get tiring. Put away those heels and wedges (on occasion) for this trend to try: slip-ons!

We’ve all encountered slip-ons at least once in our lives. If not, summer is the best way to get your feet in these shoes. Comfortable and easy to put on, slip-ons are a perfect shoe for those summer adventures that cute sandals and flats can’t handle.

Slip-ons aren’t just grungy anymore. Designers like Givenchy have embellished the basic slip-ons making them a mature and polished wardrobe piece. However, slip-ons like those will set you back about $650!

Not quite ready to bust your wallet for those Givenchy crystal-embellished sneakers? Here are our top five picks for slip-ons under $100!


slip 1
1). Topshop – KOOPER SLIP ONS
Price: $85.00
slip 2
2). NastyGal – Report Keelin Slip-On Sneaker
Price: $48.00
slip 3
3). Vans – Solid Colors Slip-On
Price: $45.00

slip 4
4). Steve Madden – ECENTRCF
Price: $69.95


slip 5
5). H&M – Patterned Shoes
Price: $39.95

Move Aside Couples, Now Best Friends Wear Matching Outfits Too

Story by Jeline Abutin. 

We all know about couples wearing matching outfits, but what about cross-coordinating outfits with your BFF?

Kastor & Pollux duo Bianca Venerayan and Dani Roche are notorious for putting together the most fab semi-matching outfits with each other!

Venerayan and Roche are the creators of Kastor & Pollux, an online store and blog that took three years in the making.

Starting their own business of making accessories and now clothing has skyrocketed the duo to amazing fashion heights: collaborating with Topshop Canda, Messeca NYC, and much more!

The cute and quirky duo describes themselves as “long-lost twins,” which is a perfect description of their friendship. I mean, who can cross-coordinate outfits with their BFF without even telling each other what they are going to wear? Venerayan and Roche sure can.

Check out their blog and be amazed by all the cross-coordinating outfit goodness!

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.35.10 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.35.22 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.35.29 AM