Every VIP guest at Audrey Magazine’s 5th annual fashion show, Audrey’s Night Out 2012, will not only be able to sit right in front of all the action, but he/she will also be able to take home a gift bag worth over $100.00! Check out which items will be included in each gift bag. 

The gift bags are ready for our ANO VIP’s!

TOTAL VALUE: Over $133.90!

Gifts Include…

  • NYX Curve Liner ($15), NYX Cosmetics
  • La Fresh Eco-Beauty Instant Body Soother & Healthy Hand Sanitizer Pouch ($17), La Fresh
  • 20% off Coupon + Notebook, TC Charton
  • Gift Certificate ($25), Wi Spa
  • 4 pc. Sulwhasoo Basic Line Kit ($45), AmorePacific
  • Mini Body Powder with Puffs ($8), Naked Princess
  • Crunchyroll T-shirt & Subscription Gift Card ($10), Crunchyroll
  • Travel Bag, Laundry by Shelli Segal
  • 5-inch Miniature Plus Doll Keychains of Cute Monsters from the Zoodorable line ($6), Zoodorable
  • Fall Issue ($3.95), Audrey Magazine
  • Fall Issue ($3.95), KoreAm Journal


With NYX Cosmetics, everyone can ‘be bold’ and ‘be glamorous.’ Every VIP guest will receive NYX COSMETICS’ brand new product, The Curve eyeliner. This eyeliner takes an innovative shape to help applying easier, precise, and mistake free.

La Fresh offers eco-friendly wipes with only the best ingredients to bring convenience, performance, and mindfulness to people’s everyday lives. From pet care to nail removers, La Fresh provides consumers with hygiene wipes to make people’s lives and the world a little bit better. Audrey’s Night Out VIP guest will each receive an Eco-Beauty Instant Body Soother and a Healthy Hand Sanitizer pouches.

20% off
TC Charton is the first North American brand that provides eyewear specifically for Asian Americans. Its eyewear has no problem fitting faces with higher cheekbones, lower nose bridges, and other unique ethnic features. TC Charton is offering a 20% discount on any product and its brand labeled notebook to every VIP guest.

Considered as the “Best Family Spa” in 2010 by Los Angeles’ “Official Best Of,” Wi Spa customers are able to choose from a wide selection of ancient Korean style spa services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week at its ultimate modern facility. Each VIP guest will receive a $25 gift certificate to experience Wi Spa.

Being the only cosmetics company to harvest its own green tea in its very own green tea gardens, Amore Pacific claims to offer top-notch results with their high performance skin care formulas. Every VIP gift bag will contain a 4 piece Sulwhasoo Basic line kit that’s worth $45.00!

Offering “luxury that doesn’t sacrifice comfort” and “luxury that doesn’t sacrifice health,” Naked Princess presents lingerie and beauty products that add lavishness to anyone’s lifestyle. Each VIP guest at Audrey’s Night Out 2012 will receive Naked Princess’ mini body powders with puffs, encased in organza bags.

Crunchyroll provides over 20,000 videos and over 10,000 hours of Drama, Live-Action titles, and Anime on their website, www.crunchyroll.com. Crunchyroll works with leading firms such as Venrock, TV Tokyo, Bitway, and others to make these videos available for everyone. Each VIP gift bag will include a Crunchyroll T-shirt, bracelet and a 1-month free subscription gift card.

The contemporary and well-recognized clothing line, Laundry by Shelli Segal dresses the ultimate “L.A. girl” for any occasion. Whether it’s for a cocktail event or for a baby shower, Laundry by Shelli Segal has something to make the perfect fashion statement. Audrey’s VIP guests will be allowed to make that statement with Laundry by Shelli Segal travel bags.

Zoodorables was imagined by Han Lee. He has tirelessly worked to bring you other wearable art such as Bobby Jack and the Public Zoo. Zoodorables are another fine showcase for his amazing creativity and broad spectrum of artistic talent. And be sure to check out their collaboration with YouTube musician Jason Chen! Each VIP gift bag includes a 5-inch Miniature Plus Doll Keychains of Cute Monsters from the Zoodorable line.

After 10 years of providing the latest news and events of the Asian American community, Audrey Magazine is finally unveiling a brand new look in its fall issue! A copy of the fall issue will be included in each gift bag, so every VIP guest will be able to see Audrey’s new look.

KoreAm is an award-winning magazine that provides that features and analyzes news, culture, sports, entertainment, and politics of Korean Americans. A fall issue will be included in every gift bag.