Audrey Reviews: Per-fékt
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 30, 2013

(courtesy of Per-fekt)

Skin Perfection Gel

I recently had the opportunity to meet the creator of this beauty line, Richard Anderson. When I met him, he explained all the products that he’s created as well as how to apply them. The great thing about all these products is that there are no brushes or sponges needed. Another great thing, they are all easy to apply on the go and travel friendly.

I was able to review a few of the Per-fékt products. Here’s some info on some of the products, provided by Per-fékt.

The skin perfection gel was the first product created and continues to be the best seller. The perfection gel is made to be an alternative to foundations, primers, color correctors and powders.

“The modern gel-mousse formula, infused with sheer color
pigments and antioxidants in the form of Alpha Lipoic Acidand Vitamins A and E. It glides on effortlessly to instantly
improve skin tone, help maintain hydration, protect against
free radical damage, and reduce the appearance of redness, enlarged pores, fine lines and excess shine.”

Available in four sheer shades, plus transparent with no color. Formulated with Smart Color Technology, to create a perfect match every time.


This product does exactly what it says it does! After the first time using it I noticed my pores and excess shine had disappeared. After a couple of uses, my skin was soft and looked even better. It doesn’t rub off onto my clothes and doesn’t come off with sweat. The only bad thing is that there is not SPF protection. If you apply lotion with SPF before the perfection gel, the perfection gel works and looks the same.  Although it’s a little pricey, it’s worth the money.

Body Perfection Gel

(Courtesy of Per-fekt)

Similar to the skin perfection gel, the body perfection gel is made to be an alternative to bronzers, and tanners.

“This advanced multi-use formula deeply moisturizes and smoothes skin while adding flawless color and natural radiance for a perfect appearance. It instantly reduces the appearance of skin dryness, unsightly scars, bruises, uneven skin tone,redness, self tanner streaks, varicose veins, cellulite and stretch marks. Your skin not only feels like silky satin, but it looks flawless, supple and smooth.”

Available in three shades to achieve a sun-kissed glow and a new per-fékt matte body perfection gel for a gorgeous matte tan.


With all the different tanning lotions out there, I was excited to try this product. This product made my skin soft and it doesn’t rub off.  It also didn’t come off with sweat. What I didn’t like about this product was that it was shimmery, very shimmery. The new matte perfection gel doesn’t have any shimmer so maybe I will like that product more. Not a fan of the shimmery, therefore not my favorite of all the products that per-fékt offers.

Lip Perfection Gel

(Courtesy of Per-fekt)

This product is made to be an alternative to lipstick, lip gloss, lip plumper, and lip primer.

“Lip perfection gel has a velvety texture that applies evenly and effortlessly to moisturize lips without staining, caking or causing any dryness or peeling, and eliminates that sticky or tacky feel associated with traditional wax-based lip products.”

Available in five shades and clear. Formulated with Smart Color Technology, lip perfection gel creates the perfect color match every time.


When it comes to lip colors I’m pretty picky so I wasn’t sure if I would like this product. I like all the colors and I like the fact that there is a little minty flavor to it. What I didn’t like was that it is kind of hard to spread around your lips. It does make your lips soft so this product has it’s good and bad qualities.

Lash Perfection Gel

(Courtesy of Per-fekt)

This product works as a primer, mascara and conditioner.

“Per-fékt’s lash perfection gel glides on
evenly and effortlessly with a fast drying
formula to provide natural buildable
coverage that is smudge-resistant, clump-
free and flake-free. Paired with the unique
multi-leveled coiled brush that lifts,
contours and enhances lashes’ volume and
length, lashes are left beautifully primed,
strengthened, darkened, lengthened and conditioned in one simple sweep.”

Available in one universal shade, flash, with Smart Color Technology.


This mascara gives length but not fullness. I like this product because of the brush. The brush grabs almost every eyelash and doesn’t make them clump together. It says it’s flake free and that’s true. It’s good mascara but it is pricey like all their products.

This is a unique beauty line that I am glad I was able to learn about. The products are a bit on the pricey side, but they are worth is because they do exactly as they say. Per-fékt is sold at limited Sephora and Nordstrom locations, as well as online at If you order online use the code: XOXOPERFEKT at checkout to receive 25% off. This code will expire on August 31, 2012.