Audrey Do’s and Don’ts | The Second Date
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  • May 30, 2013

Wong Fu Productions Short “Best Date EVER

On our last Audrey Do’s and Don’ts, we gave you some tips to get ready for a date. Today, we’re gonna take it one step further and talk about the Do’s and Don’ts of the second date.

Many believe that the second date is actually more important than the first. With a first date, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the date could be good or bad. If it’s bad, you never have to see your date again (at least not in a romantic way). The second date? Completely different story. The first impression is done and apparently it went well. The pressure of that is now replaced with the pressure of testing the waters.

You like each other. You both want more. And you both know it.

So what now? What do you wear? How physical do you get? Continue reading for Audrey’s Dos and Don’t of the second date!

Brenda Song sporting two different hairstyles

DO something different:
If you dolled up on your first date, we’re certainly not asking you to wear your sweats for the second date. We simply mean mix it up.  Wear your hair differently. Choose some cute boots instead of those heels. Let your date know that you are capable of variety. We know this is only the second date, but don’t be afraid to show them a new side of you. Yes, your first date worked out, but try a different activity with a different environment. Everything is still new so keep things exciting.

You may love Finding Nemo’s Dory, but you certainly don’t want her memory for a date

DON’T be forgetful:
If your date mentioned that he/she is allergic to seafood, you may want to avoid sushi for a date meal. Repeating your questions from the last date or forgetting what you two talked about would be horrible. Your date may wonder if you weren’t paying attention or if you went on so many dates that you can’t remember who said what. Don’t get caught in this pickle! In fact, doing the opposite and showing off your memory can work wonders for you on a second date. Purposely recall things that he/she said the first time. Let them know that you were paying attention to them and you cared enough to remember.

DO ask deeper questions:
First date questions can be predictable. Hobbies, taste in music, work, etc. Without that to lean on, its time to see if the conversation can flow on its own. Many people discover that after an amazing first date, the conversation may not be as smooth on the second date. Prepare for this! Its very important to see if you two can hold a conversation after the basic getting-to-know-you questions are done. We’re not telling you to divulge all your darkest secrets, but certainly tell them things that allow them to understand you on a deeper level.




DON’T move too quickly:
It may be exciting that you found someone who is equally interested in you, but make no mistake- a second date does not mean they’re yours. Your date doesn’t want to add you on facebook only to discover they’re your profile picture. This also goes for how physical you two get. Make sure you both are on the same page about physical interactions. If you’re in a romantic setting and the moment feels right to hold hands then don’t be afraid of that. But calling your date “babe” and clinging on to them the entire time? Probably not the best idea.


Time to take the mask off

DO be yourself:
Sometimes people feel the need to put on a show for their first impression. This is no longer the case for the second date. Remember, the second date is about being yourself and seeing if you two like each other on a deeper level. They like you- you know that. Now act yourself and make sure they like you even more.




DON’T be afraid to ask those questions
So you want to ask about their past relationships? You heard a rumor about your date and you want to confirm? You had a boiling question for them but you didn’t want to overstep your boundaries on the first date? Now’s the time. These are questions that are probably important to you and will help you decide if you want to move forward with more dates. Don’t let your fear stop you from finding out whats important to you.


Heartstrings Date

DO have an open mind:
So you went to dinner on the first date and now your date wants to go camping. Remember, a different environment is a good thing! You want your date to see your versatility and likewise its good to see your date in another element. This is all part of the process of getting to know one another so have an open mind to suggestions. Horrible at bowling? Have a laugh out of it and your date will know not to go there the next time.




Don’t expect Prince Charming

DON’T have over-the-top expectations:
Yes, you had a great first date, but remember your date is human and is bound to have flaws (just like you). Your date may have also decided to be more truthful to you so its important to not hope for perfection. You certainly wouldn’t want to go into a date if you knew he/she was expecting you to be perfect. Don’t run away just because of a minor flaw.


Project the Boss

DO look for signs:
We can’t advise you whether or not to go for the kiss on the cheek or hold hands or make out. Every couple is different and its up to you to feel whether the moment is right. Because everyone is different, there are no rules to how physical one should get on each date (just things we can highly suggest). Look for the signs. If its the end of the night and your date keeps staring at your lips, they may be advising you to kiss them.



DON’T be afraid to have fun:
Have laughs, share embarrassing stories, do something you legitimately enjoy. Enjoying each others company is a very big and important part of being with someone- make sure that happiness clicks between you two.



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