Ask Audrey Staff | First Date Gone Wrong
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 30, 2013

The awkward silences. The nervous need to find something to talk about. The need to impress.

Ah yes, the familiar feelings of a first date.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, first dates are  exciting experiences leaving you wanting more. And for the not-so-lucky ones? A palm to the face. Here at Audrey we’ve had our number of uncomfortable first dates and (just because we love our readers)  we’re he’re to share them! Click on to see Audrey Staff spill our FIRST DATE GONE WRONG stories:


“I had a crush on this guy for the better part of two years and when he finally asked me out I was thrilled. He was smart, played the guitar, had a six pack, and a good sense of humor. Only problem? My best friend had a thing for him too. I was afraid to hurt her feelings and I couldn’t build up the courage to tell her about my date.
He and I met up for dinner and everything was going just as I had hoped for- until I look up and see my best friend walk into the restaurant. My heart begins racing until I see she has a date of her own- my brother. As it turns out, she couldn’t build up the courage to tell me about her date either. AND because I have horrible luck, they get seated in a table right next to us.”

“I was set up on a blind date I had just gotten out of a serious relationship so I definitely wasn’t looking to settle down- I just wanted to see the single/dating life that I had been missing out on. My friend said she had the perfect guy in mind who never seems to want anything serious either.

The date was pleasant enough- movies and dinner. It was the conversation in the car afterwards that scared me off. Suddenly he started saying that he finally found the one and he was ready to  prove to me that he was serious and committed to me. I reminded him that we just met a few hours ago, but he didn’t seem to get it and asked me to be his girlfriend. After about half an hour of  refusing, I had enough. He definitely didn’t get a call back ”

“I was in college when some guy I had met at church camp in New York (yes, my dad used to send me to random church camps all over the U.S.) suddenly called me saying he was in town and asked if he could he come by. I was like, err, I guess. It’s not like we were good friends or anything. We were just more acquaintances so I thought he just was in town and didn’t know anyone. I wear typical bruin gear at the time (leggings, oversized sweatshirt) and he shows up in a full-on tie and suit with a dozen roses in hand. That’s when it dawned on me … OMG, HE THINKS THIS IS A DATE.

I am mortified. SO mortified, I can’t think straight until we’re in the car almost to the apparently really nice restaurant in Bel Air he had made reservations at. “I don’t feel well,” I say. “I have to go home, like, now.” I was very insistent, so he turned the car around, dropped me off, I ran inside and never heard from him again. MORTIFIED!!!”



“An unfortunate first date I had was when I had just started online dating. It’s one of those things where there’s a lot of anticipation riding on the first meeting: do they look the same in person — and are they the same person you were talking to online (personality wise)? One of the guys I had met – he was a lot shorter than he had stated, he used much younger pics of himself, and of course, had the yuppie arrogance to him. It made for a not so pleasant first meeting and I just wanted to go home minutes after I had met him.”
“I was set up on a “blind date” after working 36 hours straight by my cousin’s best friend. Needless to say, I was unhappy because I looked frumpy and abhor being ambushed. She conveniently left the two of us alone where he began to speak like he was God’s gift to mankind. I told him bluntly I was not interested in pursuing a relationship but if he wanted to grab a drink and chill I’d be down to do that. He then proceeded to insult me, asked how a girl could show up in public looking like Raggedy Anne, who I thought I was to reject him, andinsulted my upbringing. In my tired state, I calmly rose up, took my water glass poured it over his head, set the glass down, and walked out.

Later, I discovered, from the friend, he was from some rich family and interested in the fact I said no to him… I just shook my head and told her I don’t need a Korean drama in my life.”




“I was on cloud nine when I got asked out by my long-time crush. I bought a new white dress, cute heels, and a necklace to go with it. The date was going even better than I expected and I really thought we were  hitting it off. Suddenly I noticed that he stopped walking alongside me and when I look back he has an odd expression. “You… um. Theres um.. ” He points to the back of my dress. RED. Yup.. every girls nightmare. I bled right through my new white dress without noticing. Needless to say, the date ended much earlier than I had hoped for.”

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