An Adorable Dog Shopkeeper, China’s McDonalds Meat Scandal, and Other MUST READS OF THE WEEK
  • by Audrey Magazine
  • August 4, 2014
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1) This adorable dog is our most favorite shopkeeper in all of Japan (READ HERE)


2) SHOCKING: Australian couple abandons their baby after discovering he has down syndrome, leaves baby with Thai surrogate. (READ HERE)


3) An in-depth look into the internment of Japanese Americans in Hawaii (READ HERE)

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4) Meet the newest K-drama star: Sazal Kim, a.k.a Sazal Mahamud (and yes, he’s Bangladeshi) (READ HERE)


5) An inspiring update from conjoined twins who were separated 10 years ago (READ HERE)


6) You may not want to know why China’s McDonalds had to stop serving hamburgers (READ HERE)


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7) The harsh reality of trying to become a K-pop star (READ HERE)


8) Get to know volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova who is apparently so beautiful, she is now a viral sensation  (READ HERE)


9) First their were cat cafes, then there were vampire cafes. Now you can line up for Japan’s new Owl-cafe (READ HERE)


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10) These peaches wearing sexy underwear kinda give us the creeps (READ HERE