After Living in South Korea, A Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery to Look More Korean
  • by Audrey Magazine
  • May 29, 2014

Story by Michelle Woo. 

A Brazilian man has undergone plastic surgery in order to look more Korean. The results are exactly the same as whenever an Asian person goes under the knife to look more white: weird and cringe-worthy.

Brazilian television station RBS TV reports that a 25-year-old model has had 10 surgical procedures on his eyes to achieve an Asian appearance. Originally blonde and blue-eyed, the man who goes by “Xiahn” became fascinated by plastic surgery while studying in South Korea as a foreign exchange student. “Koreans have many surgeries to modify the shape of their eyes and become more like Westerners,” he said. “It was easy to tell when one of them had done it, walking on the street wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask.” Cosmetic procedures are so prevalent in the country that some hospitals offer “plastic surgery certificates” to help patients get through immigration since they often look nothing like their passport photos.

Xiahn’s mother was concerned that the surgeries would cause vision problems but he assured her otherwise. “As much as the size of the eye has decreased somewhat, I can see normally,” he said. Apparently, he has no regrets about the procedures. “I believe I have only one life and if I cannot be who I want now, I will never be able to,” he explained.

And the world has strangely shifted.

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H/T The Korea Herald
Photo via RBS TV 


  1. “The results are exactly the same as whenever an Asian person goes under the knife to look more white” excuse you, get your fact straight, none of the koreans wanting to look white, yes they do think western people look beautiful but THEY DO NOT want to look white, they have their own beauty standard, so get your fact straight.

    • Well, when you say Westerners, I believe the group of people you are referring to are White Anglo-Saxon. There are not too many Koreans who want to look more like African Americans. If what you are saying is correct, why are there so many skin whitening products in Korea? The whiter or paler your skin, the more beautiful you are considered to be. Most of the Koreans that are mixed with a white race have been able to achieve great success in Korea. However, the ones that are mixed with another race have had a really difficult time. Also, the majority of the surgeries that are done are to have a straight high nose, a V-shaped face, big round eyes, double eye-lids, flatter cheeks, a rounder forehead–all of these are common features of people of White Anglo-Saxon decent. No offense, but maybe, you should get YOUR facts straight?

    • Uhm, theres a video where asian girls, admit they want to have bigger eyes and have more of a western look. ofc it pissed me off, cause I think asians are beautiful the way we are. But, its true that some get double eyelid surgeries and nose jobs to look western. they admitted it on some documentary video.

  2. I agree with ulzzang that Asians getting plastic surgery are definitely not trying to look ‘white.’ They want to look like a certain type of Asian: small-faced, doe-eyed, and perpetually surprised/cute/sexy whatever you wanna call it. People might consider the eye surgery a desire to look more “Western,” but I think it’s more of a desire to look exotic – a fusion of what they consider to be beautiful about both Asian and Western ‘looks.’ After all, when Hollywood stars get lip injections, we don’t say they’re trying to look ‘black.’

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