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Posted By Ethel Navales On January 29, 2014 @ 11:56 pm In Art,Food & Travel | Comments Disabled

If there’s one thing Audrey readers seem to be a fan of, that would be all things cute. This can be cute babies [1], cute cosplayers [2]and above all, cute food.

C [3]offee art [3]has gained quite some popularity over the years, but theres another edible art that’s threatening to take the spotlight: radish art.

Instead of using foam sitting on coffee, people have recently began shaping the grated radish that sits on top of Japanese hot pots and stews. These dishes, also known as nabe, are generally served during the cold weather and are often topped with grated daikon radish.

A typical nabe dish will have the daikon radish grated on to the bowl and simply mixed in with the other ingredients to add a fresh flavor. Talented folk have decided to use the grated radish as a medium to create delightful characters, animals and shapes.

Now, people are taking the time to squeeze the radish until the excess water spills onto the bowl. When the radish becomes just the right texture, it can be molded into all the adorable radish sculptures you see below.

[4] [5] [6]

[7] [8]

[9] [10]

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