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Adorable Asian Babies (Halloween Costume Edition)

Posted By Ethel Navales On October 4, 2013 @ 9:33 pm In Art | Comments Disabled

October is in the air. Shops are packed with pumpkin-flavored everything, the cold weather is creeping its way into our nights and stores are stocking up to prepare for the long-awaited holiday. So what does this mean for us? Fun-sized candy bars, fake spiderwebs and (much to our delight) halloween costumes galore.

Back in July, we brought you the Adorable Asian Baby Overload [1]. Now that the season has changed, we found it only appropriate to bring you the Halloween Costume Edition of Adorable Asian Babies. What can possibly be cuter than an adorable Asian baby? Throw a costume on it and you have your answer! Here are some of our favorites.

Feel free to show us any cuties that deserve to be on this list.

The baby from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The happiest baby monkey you’ll ever find.

The baby who just realized it’s a panda.

The baby who’s clearly a strong¬†hammer-wielding god.

The lost baby penguin.


The cutest ewok ever. EVER.

The baby who can probably beat you up.

The very-serious-about-his-cosplay Naruto baby.

The tiny Totoro.

The GIANT Totoro.

Baby Kiki and her Delivery Service

Baby Chun Li..

..And her twin sister.

What could be cuter than this little Mario?

A Mario and Luigi!

A baby Cheeseburger that doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

A baby lobster that knows exactly what’s going on.

And lots..

.. of adorable..


And last, but certainly not least is the baby who doesn’t care what holiday you think it is.

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