20 of Asia’s Most Mouth-Watering Desserts
  • by Ethel Navales
  • May 21, 2014
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When we brought you Top 10 Scary Asian Dishes We Love, readers couldn’t agree more. While we may love our food, we admit that to an unfamiliar eye, some of our Asian dishes look quite unapproachable.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with all of our food. For instance, many of our desserts look too good to be true. To prove our point, we made a list of 20 of Asia’s Most Mouth-Watering Desserts. 

You’ll probably find yourself really hungry after scrolling through this. You’ve been warned.

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1) Custard Tart/ Egg Tart 
(Chinese) A custard tart pastry that consists of an outer crust which is filled with egg custard and baked.

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2) Khanom khrok
(Thai) Rice flour and coconut milk pancakes-like pastries.

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3) Halo Halo
(Filipino) Shaved ice and evaporated milk with various boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits such as jack fruit, tapioca and ice cream.


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4)  Bungeoppang
(Korean) Batter is poured into a fish-shape mold, filled with red bean paste, then closed and roasted.

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5) Mochi Ice Cream
(Japanese) Pounded sticky rice (mochi) filled with ice cream.

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6)  Chendol
(Indonesian/Vietnamese) Coconut milk, jelly noodles, and shaved ice mixed with various ingredients such red beans and creamed corn.

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7)  Castella
(Japanese)  Sponge cake  made of sugar, flour, eggs, and starch syrup.

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8) Ensaymada
(Filipino)  A brioche baked with butter instead of lard and topped with grated cheese and sugar.

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9) Doufuhua
(Chinese) Made with very soft tofu and often referred to as tofu pudding.

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10) Tteok
(Korean) Rice cakes made with steamed rice flour. can It can range from elaborate versions with nuts and fruits to the plain-flavored tteok.

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11) Khanom tom
(Thai)  Glutinous rice flour, palm sugar and coconut.

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12) Leche Flan
(Filipino) A custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top.

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13) Green Tea Ice Cream
(Japanese) Japanese ice cream flavor.

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14) Almond biscuits
(Chinese) A light biscuit/cookie often topped with sliced almond nuts and sometimes  prepared with almond flour.

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15) Bánh chuối
(Vietnamese) A sweet banana cake or pudding.

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16) Kutsinta
(Filipino) Rice cake made from rice flour, brown sugar and lye. Often topped with coconut.

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17) Coffee Jelly
(Japanese) A gelatin dessert that has the color and flavor of black coffee.


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18) Gyeongju bread
(Korean) A small pastry with red bean paste filling. A local specialty of Gyeongju City, South Korea.

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19) Almond Jelly
(Chinese) Apricot kernel milk extracted, sweetened, heated with a gelling agent and solidified into a gelatin dessert.

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20) Sikhye
(Korean) A sweet rice beverage served as a dessert. It is created by pouring malt water onto cooked rice.


Know more desserts that deserve to be on this list? Comment below and let us know!