1600 Pandas Invade Hong Kong’s Airport
  • by Rachel Chen
  • June 18, 2014


Just a couple of days ago, 1600 pandas invaded the Hong Kong airport. Before you go into panic mode, don’t hide your kids, hide your wife just yet. These pandas are made out of recycled paper, constructed by French artist Paulo Grangeon. Now, animal invasions (well, man-made that is) in Asia are not exactly uncommon, as over the years we have seen a giant yellow rubber duck floating around, traveling from country to country. So what’s with this latest invasion and why so many of them?

Pandas, as you all probably know by now, are one of the top endangered species on our planet. According to the World Wild Life website, the greatest threat to panda endangerment are humans. Everyday human activities such as constructing roadways and railroads are causing fragmentation, as well as forest destruction are putting our precious pandas lives at risk!

That is why French artist Paulo Grangeon decided to step it up by creating the most adorable exhibition – a display of 1600 pandas made out of recycled paper (1600 for each of the pandas that still exist today) to raise awareness. Grangeon’s exhibition that began in France in 2008 was of course, highly popular. Thus, he took the campaign a step further by traveling with yes, all 1600 pandas to over 20 countries including the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

For more information on panda endangerment and how you can help, click here.

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